Greg Dolezal endorses Sheri Gilligan for #GaHouse #HD24

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Greg Dolezal endorses Sheri Gilligan for #GaHouse #HD24

Post by Nydia Tisdale » July 11th, 2015, 9:00 pm

Greg Dolezal
Forsyth HOA & Homeowners
Friday, July 10, 2015 at 11:45am · Edited

Why Sheri Gilligan received my vote:

I am happy to join Forsyth State Reps Duncan, Dudgeon, Cantrell and Senator Williams in Supporting Sheri Gilligan. These men know what it takes to be effective at the Gold Dome, and when surveying the options, they chose Sheri. I did as well, and here's why.

In ultra-Republican Forsyth County most of our candidates seem to hold the same values (or at least claim to) on around 90% of the issues. This means we need to look at some of the intangibles in what makes a good representative. The question I ask myself when evaluating candidates is mutlifold. I first met Sheri when she was challenging Mark Hamilton last year. In the year and a half I have known Sheri I have come to the conclusion she deserves my vote based on the questions I ask myself and what I have observed:

Why are they running? I believe Sheri is running because she loves our Country, our State, and our County. She took a step to serve this Country in the Navy and went into further service to our Country in her work with the CIA. As someone who watched my brother join the military and fight in two wars, I know the bravery it takes to join our armed forces and am forever thankful for their sacrifice. I also know this service builds character, fortitude, and decision making skills in a way that no other profession can.

I believe Sheri genuinely wants to serve her constuents, is not beholden to any special interest groups, and is an independent thinker. I think she sees our Country at a crossroads and wants to preserve it for future generations. She and I will not agree on every issue, but I believe she will arrive at her decision based on her conservative instincts and principles.

What do they believe? The answer to 'what is the role of government' is the most important consideration to me. This answer will undergird almost every vote one makes as a legislator. I believe Sheri believes in limited government, local control of government, and she has a passionate knowledge of the Constitution. She believes in the power of liberty and protecting our liberties from government over reach. She has personally challenged my thought processes or presented thoughtful arguments to me on Common Core, taxation, state's rights, and abortion. She has thought through her positions and has solid reasoning for her beliefs. I believe her ability to articulate her positions will be a virtue at the Capital as she works to build consensus and support for the right initiatives.

Are the "corrupt-able"? This kind of gets back to the first question, and is hard to answer without knowing someone personally, but we have seen many instances of people being elected and letting us down. I have observed Pat and Sheri's marriage and have great respect for their union. I know they have been conservative with their personal finances to the extent they will not salivate over perks that often come with this job. This conservative nature will extend to how Sheri votes to spend our money and how she votes to take our money.

This is a gut feel thing for me, and I am very comfortable with Sheri's integrity. When it comes to leadership, integrity matters. We need people who are willing to make tough decisions as legislator's and willing to stand alone for what is right if necessary. I believe Sheri's background has prepared her very well for this very difficult part of the job. Too often we see people vote along with leadership in exchange for promises that never materialize. We are fortunate to have many leaders of great integrity serving us as legislators.

Sheri's background is one of consistent commitment to conservative causes. She has served our community in many ways, works to find common ground with those on the other side of an issue, always shows respect to those she interacts with, is confident in her conservative principles, will listen to constituents, is approachable and warm, and possesses the guts to make the tough decisions. I hope we are able to be represented by Sheri Gilligan, and hope that gives you one voter's perspective on how she has earned my support.
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Phillip Barlag Very well said, Greg.
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Sheri Gilligan Thank you very much Greg. I don't know what else to say but thank you.
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