NYDEO: Jeff Perry — Candidate for Dawson Sheriff 12/10/15

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NYDEO: Jeff Perry — Candidate for Dawson Sheriff 12/10/15

Post by Nydia Tisdale » December 12th, 2015, 6:40 pm

Veteran lawman announces bid for sheriff

Jeff Perry — Candidate for Dawson County Sheriff


Jeff Perry makes an opening statement at the debate for Dawson County Sheriff on Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 7 p.m. VOTE on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 for Dawson County Sheriff.
  • Good evening. My name is Jeff Perry and I, too, am a candidate for sheriff here in Dawson County. I want to thank you for coming out here tonight and I want to thank you for having me.

    As we look forward to explaining our backgrounds and what we’re going to do as your sheriff of Dawson County. A little bit about myself. Um, I’m married to Lisa Perry. She’s right back there. She’s Assistant Superintendent of Dawson County Schools. We have two adult children, Jacob and Jade. I’ve been, uh, we’ve lived in the county here for twenty-five years. Lisa’s lived here all her life.

    I’m a member of Liberty Baptist Church over in War Hill area where I serve as a Deacon. I’ve been elected Vice Chairman at the Deacon Board for the last three years. I’ve served as Sunday school superintendent, Sunday school teacher, and also in property trustees.

    I’ve been active in your community. I’m a Rotary Club member. I’m a charter member of the Civitan Club. I coach your children and my children in youth sports. And, also, been a Boy Scout leader.

    A little bit more about my background. I have almost thirty years experience in law enforcement. The last eighteen has been as a manager, as chief parole officer over seven counties — seven counties all the way over Northeast Georgia — total square miles of 2,280 square miles which is larger than Rhode Island.

    During that time, I served on numerous federal and state task forces. I was part of the 1996 Olympics. I was part of the G8 Summit where I provided VIP security, uh, for, uh, the President and along with the Secret Service, and other dignitaries that were there at G8.

    I have a criminal justice degree from Georgia Southern University. I’m currently working on my Master’s at the University of North Georgia. I completed the certified public manager’s program, um, at Carl Vinson Institute at University of Georgia. So, I feel I’m qualified to be your Sheriff.

    I know you’re here tonight because you’re concerned about who’s going to be the next sheriff in Dawson County. Whoever the next sheriff is going to be, our public safety in, in the community is foremost. We need a leader that has a foresight, uh, to lead, to stand out front, and make the tough decisions. I’ve made those tough decisions. I’ve had to hire. I had to fire. And, uh, I’ve managed a budget. I managed a staff. I also set strategic planning and directed operations. So, thank you.
NYDEO: Debate for Dawson County Sheriff 12/10/15
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