We must thank Jodie Fleischer and WSBTV for this story

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We must thank Jodie Fleischer and WSBTV for this story

Post by Nydia Tisdale » April 3rd, 2016, 12:00 pm

Focus on Forsyth
Isaac Lang
March 21 at 7:25pm

We must thank Jodie Fleisher and WSBTV for doing this very important story. Pay special attention to the comments towards the end of the story. Those should send chills to anyone thinking about the Georgia Republican Party and who controls it.

Questionable timing, politics surround case against citizen journalist


Kate Holmes I hope she wins, and I hope she wins big. I hope the GBI arrest Tony Wooton and those who conspired with Tony to kidnap Nydia, and assault her, because they thought they were all above the law and could get away with it. It is Chilling to me that if they can get away with this, then NONE of us will ever be safe again from these criminals in law enforcement uniforms...not to mention the ones who conspired with them. I don't want these dictators any where near my republican party, much less in law enforcement..
March 21 at 7:39pm · Edited

Isaac Lang I agree. I cannot understand why they even believed they could legally do that, especially to someone in front of the governor and attorney general. Why hasn't the attorney general filed charges against them?
March 21 at 7:42pm

Sandy Parker IMO, This reeks more of individual actions rather than party actions...
March 21 at 7:48pm
  • Kate Holmes No Sandy, from what I've heard, people there were on the phone to party leaders taking direction, before this went down, and it's why it went down. But all of that will have to come out in court. And Sandy, so far let me just say, at this point, it is hearsay.
    March 21 at 7:52pm · Edited

    Sandy Parker That's truly disheartening!!
    March 21 at 7:51pm
Ashley Gilreath I personally know Tony he is a man of God and would never intentionally do something that would dishonor him the badge or God
March 21 at 7:57pm
  • Paula Chambers But he did!
    March 22 at 2:45pm

    Ashley Gilreath Nope sorry he didnt
    March 22 at 3:18pm
Kate Holmes But Ashley, he did. And it's on video.
March 21 at 7:58pm

Ashley Gilreath Bull crap he did not he done his JOB
March 21 at 7:59pm
  • Diane Strickland Clackum Don't waste your breath, they have their minds made up. He would be down grading
    March 21 at 8:00pm

    Diane Strickland Clackum If I were to resist arrest, I'd be under the jail.
    March 21 at 8:02pm

    Ashley Gilreath Exactly if she wasn't some "journalist" she would have been under the jail too
    March 21 at 8:03pm

    Diane Strickland Clackum They don't nilly willy give out indictments. Sounds like blackmail when she'll drop a lawsuit if charges get dropped.
    March 21 at 8:09pm

    Ashley Gilreath Yep
    March 21 at 8:10pm

    Nancy Fernandes Pictures worth a thousands words :wink: its all recorded for both parties!
    March 21 at 9:07pm · Edited

    Ellen Reynolds Williams Go Nydia! Thanks WSB!
    March 21 at 9:17pm

    Ashley Gilreath There are three sides his,hers,and the truth not saying anyone is lieing but in the end God is the only one who knows the truth of it all
    March 21 at 9:21pm

    Nancy Fernandes Please watch the recording it covers both parties....let the law prevail :wink:
    March 21 at 9:22pm

    Mike Payne Ashley Gilreath, I think even God has seen the video, it don't lie.
    March 21 at 9:24pm

    Ashley Gilreath I have watched it several times he was doing his job
    March 21 at 9:26pm

    Nancy Fernandes That is your opinion and you are entitled to one but doesn't mean its right ?
    March 21 at 9:30pm

    Ashley Gilreath Yes it is my opinion and everyone has one no it doesn't mean it's right everything will come out in trial
    March 21 at 9:33pm

    Nancy Fernandes That's exactly what I said at the start....let the law prevail. No one questioned if the officer is a Godly man. We are human we make mistakes. Accepting error is not easy for all.
    March 21 at 9:37pm

    Beth Tipton Ashley how is a man ramming his crotch into the backside of a woman half his size & man handling her part of 'doing his job'? Where do they teach that technique in police academy?
    March 21 at 10:07pm

    Ashley Gilreath I don't know which video you watched but I didn't see that I know she is claiming that happened
    March 21 at 10:09pm

    Paula Chambers Witnesses have testified to his behaving like this.
    March 22 at 2:53pm

    Ashley Gilreath I haven't seen any testamony to this behavior
    March 22 at 3:18pm

    Paula Chambers Wait and see!
    Like · Reply · March 22 at 6:53pm
Kate Holmes You can use all the foul language you like, it is on video. if you can't argue on the basis of what is fact, then move on..
March 21 at 8:00pm

Ashley Gilreath I didn't use foul language thank you very much
March 21 at 8:00pm

Ray Warren I hope she loses. One thing is for certain, had she obeyed the police officer and not assaulted him, we wouldn't be discussing this now.
Another Side of the Nydia Tisdale Story
March 21 at 9:57pm · Edited
  • Paula Chambers She did not assault the police officer, he assaulted her!
    March 22 at 5:14pm

    Ray Warren Paula Chambers that's why the police officer has been arrested, right?
    March 22 at 5:17pm

    Paula Chambers Witnesses have stated they saw him be abusive in removing her from her seat. The truth will come out!!!
    March 22 at 6:52pm

    Ray Warren Paula Chambers when you kick and slap an officer, they tend to get abusive. However he isn't charged with a crime.
    March 22 at 6:54pm
Jody Hart Massey .
March 21 at 8:22pm

Amber Kay Davis Askew I wish I had Jodie's job!!! She must be so naive lol. She only gets tips from political figures and agendas. She doesn't have to report the truth....must be cool to just say what you want. I used to be a semi-fan of Nydia's until this stunt. She has to follow the law just like me and EVERYONE else if not....well you go to jail. And side-note all this "whistle-blowing" is aging her beyond her years
March 21 at 9:07pm
  • Ashley Gilreath I agree amber
    March 21 at 9:14pm · Edited
Isaac Lang We will have to disagree on how professional you think Fleisher is. She reported on what happened accurately. She is very professional. It is unfortunate Republican Party members stood by and watched without stopping it, including Georgia's Attorney General, our top law enforcement official, and the Governor. It will be a very interesting case to follow.
March 21 at 9:16pm · Edited

Amber Kay Davis Askew Stopping what though? If I am approached by an officer of the law and question what he says then kick him in the shins ummm I'm going to jail !! Why is she any different?
March 21 at 9:19pm
  • Beth Tipton For that to be a valid scenario, you have to first identify yourself as LE. He approached her from behind & failed to identify his self initially. She had no idea who had grabbed her.
    March 21 at 10:16pm · Edited

    Amber Kay Davis Askew She was asked to leave....it doesn't matter by who. Private property.
    March 21 at 10:34pm

    Beth Tipton She wasn't asked to leave by the property owner. It was a GOP guy who had no authority at that point. It wasn't until after Wooten grabbed her that the property owner asked that she leave. By that point Wooten had decided to arrest her.
    March 21 at 10:38pm

    Amber Kay Davis Askew Our country better stop giving criminals and law breakers so many "rights" or we are headed for a bad future with no control. This lady continually makes money by suing governments and their officials!! And what of it?? What is she doing to change anything for the better?? She was at the pumpkin farm that day to be noticed and hope she would be confronted!!
    March 21 at 10:50pm

    Beth Tipton Amber I'm sorry but you haven't got a clue what you're talking about. You're parroting what someone else said. You don't know Nydia. The problem is that she happens to be around with a camera when some of our politicians show their true selves - as happened again on this particular day. She is polite & unobtrusive until someone refusing to identify themselves grabs her from behind. Wooten should have been fired & charged with assault. If Dawson elects him as sheriff, they'll have find out the hard way.
    March 21 at 11:04pm

    Kate Holmes I'm glad we have so many people on this site that can read other peoples minds and see what is in their hearts. Guess there's no need for police, lawyers, judges, or juries or even court cases when you've got that kind of talent. So it's all a done deal now, every body can go home. The wizards have all spoken. They haven't spoken about any facts, or laws, mind you, or debated any lawful or unlawful points . Just opinions, but hey, they are the wizards. It might not have occurred to some of these very wise individuals, that lawsuits would not have been won or even brought into court, if unlawful injuries or injustices were not done in the first place by local people who thought they were above the law and could get away with their opinions....chew on that.
    March 21 at 11:07pm · Edited

    Beth Tipton Amen Kate!
    March 21 at 11:07pm

    Amber Kay Davis Askew And you know Tony Wooten?? Come on!! This lady is sucking your tax dollars down the drain with these frivolous lawsuits!!
    March 21 at 11:08pm

    Kate Holmes Maybe Tony would have better served his tax payers, had he not dragged her and kidnapped her opening up his tax payers for this suit. This door swings both ways. I view it as his stupidity, but we shall all see.
    March 21 at 11:10pm

    Amber Kay Davis Askew Gather facts and form a LOGICAL opinion instead of getting sucked into an agenda of a career crusader with a camera that btw has yet to reveal any info that impacted anyone!
    March 21 at 11:10pm

    Amber Kay Davis Askew Dragged her? Lol...she kicked a police officer. To jail you go.
    March 21 at 11:11pm

    Kate Holmes Like I said, if you're stupid enough as others have already been, to break the law and get sued for it.. Then it's on YOU, the official....not the victim.
    March 21 at 11:12pm

    Amber Kay Davis Askew Agreed which is why she shouldn't have broken the law....we wouldn't be having this convo right now would we? But then again how will she pay her mortgage without it?
    March 21 at 11:14pm

    Kate Holmes You're assuming she broke the law before the court case has even barely begun. In this country I still believe you're innocent until proven guilty and no matter how much you want her to be guilty it won't be over until the Judgment comes in. Have a good night.
    March 21 at 11:15pm

    Amber Kay Davis Askew Don't have to assume I saw the video. Night night
    March 21 at 11:16pm

    Beth Tipton You may be willing to let a stranger grab you from behind without a fight - that's your choice. If a stranger grabbed me from behind without identifying themselves, they'd be singing soprano for life.
    March 21 at 11:16pm

    Beth Tipton Dawson should be so proud of this guy.
    March 21 at 11:17pm

    Amber Kay Davis Askew Beth Tipton we are! Thank you
    March 21 at 11:17pm

    Beth Tipton Lol you're also the laughing stock of north Ga
    March 21 at 11:18pm

    Amber Kay Davis Askew You think Nydia's supporters are the majority?? Oh my....
    March 21 at 11:18pm
Amber Kay Davis Askew And what about her report on the advanced ambulance debacle interviewing the Sheriff?? Tipped off by politicians and shady....still no charges brought
March 21 at 9:21pm

Edward David Prine The story is bias with phrases like forcibly how else do you move someone who wants to start trouble ? It was on private property , not a taxpayer event and wants free speech but wants to sue for 500 k !
March 21 at 9:48pm
  • Amber Kay Davis Askew True....you would "forcibly" remove them....and you don't even need a badge for it! This is her job....she makes a living on the justice system and this county is over her.....this is the 3rd post today one from her even and the 1st one to even get a comment! #girlbye
    March 21 at 10:00pm

    Zak Moore I'm interested to see what county she tries to sue next. Pickens and Hall better tighten up.
    March 21 at 10:16pm
Beth Tipton Hopefully Jodie did a better job researching this story & didn't allow herself to be used as a political pawn as she apparently did for the Advanced Ambulance case. I lost respect for her on that one.
March 21 at 10:15pm

Brant Meadows Uh oh! Dawson County prosecutors might want to hear what Judge Napolitano said tonight on FOXTV , "...at any rally....if you're not shouting the speaker down...not preventing the speaker from using the room for which he rented it....that itself is protected speech as much as the speaker" "let me tell you who else is responsible, the police...they should not kick someone out because...someone says to kick them out unless they are materially disrupting the speech....that's protecting speech and the police have to protect the right of the speaker to speak, the right of the listeners to hear and the right of the protestors to protest...."
March 22 at 11:43am · Edited
  • Amber Kay Davis Askew She makes her living off of suing the government you pay taxes to....do you realize that? And for what?? Smh....what a shameful twist of the rights we are blessed with!!
    March 21 at 10:54pm

    Brant Meadows She doesn't make her living that way. And if she did then it doesn't pay much. Goodness don't you care for your freedom?
    March 21 at 10:56pm

    Amber Kay Davis Askew Abusing our rights as Americans is a straight disgrace!! I also care for my rights as a property owner. Ask the city of cumming how much it pays lol
    March 21 at 11:13pm

    Isaac Lang The City was found guilty of violating the law. Had they not, they would not had to pay a single penny. Tisdale did not make them do that. I am guessing in a rape trial, Amber would argue the woman provoked it by wearing provocative clothes. That is the logic I hear. I guess we will have to disagree.

    In this case the owners gave up any expected rights to privacy by holding a political rally open to the public on their commercial property and inviting all to attend. Had the press been excluded or had the event been "invitation only" that would no longer made it a "public" event.

    In this case Tisdale was not breaking the law either, nor did she agree to give up her rights as a Journalist by attending a public event billed as open to the public.

    The event organizers or property owners could no longer claim trespass once they sent out invitations that said it was open to the public.

    Another logical argument would be to say a public diner is open to the public "unless your of a certain race". The event was open to the public "unless you are a Journalist".

    The latter argument does not hold up because none of the other Journalist were excluded when Tisdale was.

    It was either a public political event or not. In this case it was not private even though it was held on commercial property. Years ago Lester Maddox used the same logic about limiting who could eat in his Pickwick Restaurant in court and lost. Journalist cannot be excluded from public events just as skin color cannot be used to exclude someone from a public diner. Once it was billed as a public event all rights by the owners to make it a private event were given up for the time of the event and the officer would not have been justified in carrying out the request to leave, but she was never was told to leave to my knowledge. She was told not to video record the meeting. This violated her Constitutional protections granted to all Journalist. She was assaulted by an off duty law enforcement officer claiming to be acting on behalf of the owners. This made the request a violation of Journalistic rights protected by the Constitution and set the stage for assault charges being justified by Tisdale.

    There is no doubt that Tisdale will win this, maybe not in a Dawson County Court where the Governor's son is a judge, but even if wrongly convicted, she will prevail on appeal. If she does not, America is doomed and we may as well tear up our Constitution.
    March 22 at 4:59am · Edited

    Joyce Waters She was ask to leave that's a simple request. She had sued before thought she could sue again.
    March 22 at 5:58am

    Isaac Lang The question will be why was she asked to leave a public event. Was it because she was acting as a Journalist by filming the public political meeting, or was it because she was singled out? You see, no matter what the answer, they violated Constitutionally protected rights. The second issue is assault by an off duty law enforcement officer. Now, had the event been a private invitation only, the entire thing would be different. Another question is, why were the other Journalist not asked to leave? This will get very sticky and expensive for Dawson County.
    March 22 at 6:05am · Edited

    Amber Kay Davis Askew Well I assume you are using the title journalist loosely. And to compare a rape trial is just asinine. Kicking anyone especially an officer of the law who is asking you to leave is illegal.....and that is a fact....black and white fact not an opinion. And I agree that the city of cumming had to pay because they broke the law but I ask this question that it seems nobody can provide the answer to. What, in that meeting, has this "journalist" revealed that changed anything?? My point is that, she goes to these meetings, rally's, etc to stand out and hope to find something to sue over because that's the pay off for her. It's sad because I'm sure at one point she really had a vision and true desire to fight the right fight until....$$. It changes everything. . We will always disagree on this because at the end of the day if a citizen wants to see what's going on....then go see, I know I for one wouldn't depend on her view or reporting to form my opinion. I have to keep going to work and clocking in to support my family instead of suing the very government I have my faith in to protect me and mine. #thewussificationofamerica
    March 22 at 8:06am

    Isaac Lang No, she fits all legal definitions as Journalist. Have you checked the number of videos she has published and the number of viewers she has? Bet not. As to the rest off what I have said, the Judge will have to ask the same questions I proposed and use similar logic to get from an assault to arrest. That bridge won't hold up. A much stronger bridge can be built in the other direction which will uphold assault charges as well as Constitutional Rights being violated. Tisdale's lawyer, who is very good, will construct that bridge in front of a jury. Like I said, she may get convicted in Dawson County by the Governor's son, but an appeal will be certain where a neutral Judge will decide it in her favor, of that I am sure.
    March 22 at 8:26am · Edited

    Amber Kay Davis Askew well that's a bet you would lose and the only thing you can be sure of is life and death. I have seen her videos and just a little piece of info, most of the views are the citizens like me watching the spectacle of a person making a living off of suing the government for our tax dollars. It's a matter of time before she moves on to another town hoping to catch them doing something she can cash in on. Sad...there are real problems in this world and our courts are filled with junk like this!
    March 22 at 8:41am

    Isaac Lang Actually, she had a large following years before any lawsuit with the city. Members of this site encouraged her to video the County and City meetings for this site. She is still a member here as is Ms Fleisher. Nydia's "Nedieos" of county commission meetings were a large part published on this very site. Everyone thanked her for it too because it gave this group a chance to see them. The AJC and 11Alive as well as CBS46 are also members of this site. They are all Journalist in the truest definition. We will have to agree to disagree on our varying opinions as to what is Journalism. You see this site is also Journalism. It is a paradigm shift in Journalism. The shift has even sparked over through of governments in other countries. Let's allow the court trial to go forward. We cannot try the case here, at least not at this point in history.
    March 22 at 9:37am · Edited

    Isaac Lang Here is a Journalism tidbit you may enjoy and may help understand Journalism. What does the word "news" mean and where did it come from?

    Comes from a Scottish Paper published there a few hundred years ago. They first put it on the paper mast head. It evolved into the word newspaper and news.

    How did that happen you ask... The editor printed this on the mast: "All That Is Worth Knowing In The North, East, West and South."

    The saying soon evolved into NEWS and NEWSpaper. So in the truest form, even this site is a news site as it contains anything worth knowing as it happens in the northern, eastern, western and southern parts of Forsyth County as it happens. This site is even better because we learn about it in real time and seek advice in real time by real people, we are all Journalist in that respect. Nydia has been a valuable contributor to this site since the beginning. She first published her meeting videos here. She still does, but no where near the number she did at one time. It is truly ironic you post a criticism of her work here that was so valued and still is.
    March 22 at 9:36am · Edited
Joyce Waters Shows how bias channel 2 news is. Only reported what they wanted people to see.
March 22 at 5:55am
  • Ray Warren It was a hit job.
    March 22 at 10:10am

    Isaac Lang I can assure you that Jodie Fleisher did a professional job and reported everything. She even interviewed folks who witnessed it. She tried to interview Law Enforcement who refused to speak to her. You can't get any better reporting anyplace. She made a lawful request under the Georgia Open Records Act for copies of the investigation, but the Dawson County Officials refused to comply with the law. So, who is hiding and why? When people hide from the press, that is an indication of guilt in my opinion and a fear that they will be found out.
    March 22 at 10:33am · Edited
Isaac Lang No, they did a great job. We must disagree on that Joyce. I can assure you that Jodie Fleisher did a professional job and reported everything. She even interviewed folks who witnessed it. She tried to interview Law Enforcement who refused to speak to her. You can't get any better reporting anyplace. She made a lawful request under the Georgia Open Records Act for copies of the investigation, but the Dawson County Officials refused to comply with the law. So, who is hiding and why? When people hide from the press, that is an indication of guilt in my opinion and a fear that they will be found out.
March 22 at 10:34am · Edited

Nydia Tisdale “The police have to protect the right of the speaker to speak, the right of the listeners to hear and the right of the protesters to protest. They have to find that fine line that protects all of them.” — Judge Andrew Napolitano — The Kelly File
April 2 at 2:21pm

Kathy Thompson I hate to see this type thing... However if you dont think this is happening to many others that make an effort to keep the public informed... well... your head is in the sand... This is WRONG!!!
April 2 at 2:41pm · Edited

David Milum QUOTE: Beth Tipton; "Ashley how is a man ramming his crotch into the backside of a woman half his size & man handling her part of 'doing his job'? Where do they teach that technique in police academy?"

DM: Don't tell me DCSO Tony Wooten wasn't acting in a sexual assaulting manner when he physically attacked Nydia Tisdale! There was no reason whatsoever for him to do as Beth described as he hunched up on Nydia's behind. No reason at all! Nydia soaking wet most probably doesn't tip the scales over 110 pounds!

If his butt hold on Nydia had lasted seconds then maybe but minutes? No way in hell! This boarders on Wooten's part as freaky at best.
April 2 at 3:10pm · Edited

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