Justin Hawkins answers Forsyth County Homeowners’ questions

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Justin Hawkins answers Forsyth County Homeowners’ questions

Post by Nydia Tisdale » May 2nd, 2016, 10:00 am

Forsyth HOA and Homeowners
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April 24 at 10:06am
April 24 at 9:28am

‪#‎NYDEO‬: ‪#‎ForsythCounty‬ Commission District 5 Debate

LAST DAY to Vote is Tuesday, May 24, 2016.
Chandon Adams, Justin Hawkins, Laura Semanson

Forsyth County Georgia Republican Party
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NYDEO: Forsyth County Commission District 5 Debate 04/18/16

Like: Justin Hawkins, Erika Funk McGowan, and Melba C. Stieglitz


Ty Davis Just oitnof curiosity, who did everything think won the debate?
April 24 at 3:47pm

Justin Hawkins Ty Davis, on a very active board, there's a reason no one wants to answer your question. Mainly because I am not endorsed by the Coalition.
April 26 at 5:08pm

Beth Tipton Lol - Justin you're are very much the salesman. We all know sometimes posts get pushed down by other posts.

Ty Davis I believe Laura Ohnsman Semanson won the debate hands down. She has been involved with growth issues for years, she represents no special interest groups - unless you call individual taxpayers a special interest group.

With Justin, you have someone mentored by one of the local zoning attorneys that fights to help developers maximize profits on the backs of taxpayers. Less than a year ago Justin was on FB strongly supporting his employer's actions. Now he says he's changed his allegiance - yet we have no history to prove this is true.

With Chandon you have an unknown candidate who has had little-to-no involvement with Forsyth growth issues and in his early use of catch phrases, he doesn't have a true grasp on issues that matters to citizens. He also has hesitated to publicly discuss his businesses. From what I can tell, he is involved in property investment & management. With our rapid growth, I think some voters should have had the opportunity to decide for themselves if this was relevant information that deserved closer scrutiny for potential conflicts. Chandon however decided not to engage public dialogue about the matter.

Folks can watch the debate online.
April 26 at 6:26pm · Edited

Justin Hawkins Well Beth Tipton, I have no argument for your first statement. I am what I am.

However, being a "mentored" is a far fetch but I learned a great deal. We need to know how the other side works. We need a candidate who can build a consensus around their vision.

I can.
April 26 at 6:35pm · Edited

Beth Tipton Justin since changing allegiances less than a year ago, you have no history that demonstrates you will put that knowledge to work for citizens rather than for developers. Additionally you've said the 'establishment' of entrenched politicians are against you. That puts you at a distinct disadvantage IF they are against you because you are viewed as a turncoat.

I think it's fair for folks to be concerned about your allegiances. As you well know, we have been deceived by some of our politicians in the past.
April 26 at 6:51pm

Justin Hawkins I've never changed "allegiances". I'm a 16 year resident of south Forsyth. I want what's best for this community. I without a doubt have the most experience in protecting the homeowners.

Look forward to more debates.
April 26 at 7:13pm
  • Angela Sullivan Johnson Justin Hawkins I believe you referenced a few times during the debate that you have experience negotiating with developers. Where did you gain that experience? What specifically did you negotiate?
    April 26 at 7:37pm
Beth Tipton So when you worked & posted for Emory, you were advocating for the best interests of Forsyth? I'm going out on a limb & say Emory was very clear his allegiances were with those that pay his legal fees - the developers.

There are plenty of your posts out there that show your allegiances were with the guy that who signed your paycheck - Emory.
Keifer Simms care to share?
April 26 at 7:26pm

Justin Hawkins No, not then. I had a job to do. I did it extremely well.

I also negotiated for the overlay district, met with the leaders of Habersham and multiple different zonings.

We can try and twist reality because I'm not "the leaders of FHOA" candidate. But I hope I earn your support in the runoff.
April 26 at 7:28pm

Beth Tipton Justin I haven't twisted anything. Please share more information so people have a better understanding. Since leaving Emory's employment, which zoning applications have you been an advocate for the homeowners- not the developers? Do you have legal authority to negotiate on behalf of the county with Habersham or with the City of Cumming as a non-employee or non-elected individual?
April 26 at 8:00pm

Justin Hawkins Who negotiated on behalf of the county? I simply met with the leaders of HAC and other stakeholders.

See Beth, I'm not an empty suit. I study issues with a deep intensity because I deeply care about the future of our community. I hope to earn your support after the runoff.

Beth - call me if you want to talk further!
April 26 at 8:08pm
  • Angela Sullivan Johnson I'm not sure if you saw my question from yesterday because I wasn't able to tag you for some reason. Also, can you elaborate on your experience negotiating zoning applications with commissioners, and as you mentioned at the debate, negotiating for citizens.
    April 27 at 12:02pm

    Justin Hawkins I had a case load of at least four zoning applications at a time where I met with water & sewer department, engineering department, planning commissioners, county commissioners, adjacent residents. Also, I usually handled all logistics and coordination with public participation meetings.

    As a private citizen I met with multiple commissioners & planning commissioners regarding the overlay district on Highway 20, Habersham Sewer, Toyota Dealership off Highway 20 and multiple residential subdivisions.

    Angela Sullivan Johnson, I appreciate you being an administrator & leader of the HOA board. I know you do support Mrs. Semanson but I hope if one of us does not make the runoff, you will have an open mind in regards to my candidacy. I do see we have a lot of mutual friends.
    April 27 at 12:12pm · Edited

    Angela Sullivan Johnson Justin Hawkins thank you for your response. I will be perfectly honest, while I want to keep an open mind about all the candidates who are campaigning for a better Forsyth, it is very hard for me to overlook your prior employment history and involvement with the opposite side of the homeowners "fight for quality growth". I commend anyone willing to serve their community, not just their personal interests, it's a tough job. Best of luck to you and may the best candidate win.
    April 27 at 3:33pm
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