NYDEO: Forsyth County GOP debates for Georgia State Senate D-27 and U.S. Congress for Georgia’s 7th District 03/29/18

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NYDEO: Forsyth County GOP debates for Georgia State Senate D-27 and U.S. Congress for Georgia’s 7th District 03/29/18

Post by Nydia Tisdale » May 15th, 2018, 11:00 am

#Nydeo by Nydia Tisdale for AboutForsyth.com.
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00:00 Forsyth County Administration Building
00:23 Citizen journalist Nydia Tisdale
00:34 Forsyth GOP Chairman Patrick Bell, and David Crouch
00:47 Candidates meet-and-greet citizens
07:02 Mashburn Family Trust heiresses:
Mary Helen Mashburn McGruder, Martha Mashburn Lappe, Catherine Mashburn Amos
12:16 Debate for Georgia Senate D-27 with Greg Dolezal, Bill Fielder, and Brian Tam
12:31 Forsyth County Republican Party Chairman Patrick Bell
13:56 Pledge of Allegiance led by David Crouch
14:25 Prayer by David Crouch
15:15 Justin Hawkins has candidates pick a number
15:45 Patrick Bell reads rules
16:37 Time keeper Sarah Hughes
16:50 Candidates may not use cell phones
17:30 Moderator Carolyn Hall Fisher
19:03 Opening statement by Bill Fielder
21:20 Opening statement by Brian Tam
23:28 Opening statement by Greg Dolezal
25:27 Questions to candidates for Georgia State Senate
1:10:49 Candidates question one other candidate
1:11:18 Greg Dolezal questions Brian Tam
1:12:33 Brian Tam questions Greg Dolezal
1:14:18 Bill Fielder runs out of time to ask question
1:15:26 Closing statement by Greg Dolezal
1:17:08 Closing statement by Bill Fielder
1:18:07 Closing statement by Brian Tam
1:19:30 Thank you from Carolyn Fisher
1:19:59 Handshakes after debate
1:20:10 Break between debates
1:20:25 Candidates pose for photos

1:25:46 Patrick Bell whistles to signal second debate
1:26:11 Debate for U.S. Congress for GA-07 with Rob Woodall and Shane Hazel
1:26:38 Moderator Julianne Thompson
1:26:58 Handshakes before debate
1:27:25 Justin Hawkins tosses coin to determine order
1:27:41 AJC Photographer Steve Schaefer
1:27:52 Julianne Thompson goes over the rules
1:29:39 Opening statement by Rob Woodall
1:31:37 Opening statement by Shane Hazel
1:33:41 Questions to candidates for U.S. Congress
2:24:36 Candidates question each other
2:24:50 Shane Hazel questions Rob Woodall
2:25:07 Outburst from an audience member who is removed
2:26:46 Rob Woodall questions Shane Hazel
2:28:42 Closing statement by Rob Woodall
2:30:26 Closing statement by Shane Hazel
2:31:24 Thank you from Julianne Thompson
2:31:36 Handshakes after debate
2:31:37 Thank you from Patrick Bell
2:31:48 Candidates strike a pose

Debate - GA Senate 27 and US Congressional House GA-07
Hosted by Forsyth County Georgia Republican Party
Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Forsyth County Administration Building
110 East Main Street, Suite 220, Cumming GA 30040

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