NYDEO: Atlanta Young Republicans 2018 GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Forum 03/28/18

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NYDEO: Atlanta Young Republicans 2018 GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Forum 03/28/18

Post by Nydia Tisdale » May 16th, 2018, 7:00 pm

#Nydeo by Nydia Tisdale for AboutForsyth.com.
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00:00 Five Seasons Westside
02:46 Atlanta Young Republicans meeting called to order
03:07 Jake Evans, President of AYR
05:24 Nick Carlson, Vice President of Organizational Outreach
06:51 Gabe Hartwig, Vice President of Membership
10:27 Cody Hall, on behalf of Hunter Hill (absent)
14:16 Casey Cagle, Lt. Governor (absent)
14:23 Eddie Hayes (withdrew)
14:24 Brian Kemp, Secretary of State
14:30 Marc Urbach (withdrew)
14:33 Michael Williams, State Senator
14:39 Clay Tippins (absent)
14:49 Questions to candidates, asked by Jake Evans
1:01:50 Questions from audience, asked by Janelle Jones
1:12:37 Applause for candidates
1:12:44 Handshakes
1:12:49 Announcements
1:13:00 Kevin Henderson, Vice President of Events
1:14:04 Janelle Jones, Vice President of Political Affairs
1:15:13 Shout-out to AYR Board Members
1:16:57 Atlanta Young Republicans banner

AYR’s 2018 GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Forum - March 28th
5 Seasons Westside, 1000 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Candidates Brian Kemp, Marc Urbach, Michael Williams, and AYR President Jake Evans.

Candidates Brian Kemp, Marc Urbach, and Michael Williams at the AYR March meeting.

Citizen journalist Nydia Tisdale operating her Sony video camera, and 6-foot-tall Manfrotto tripod.

Nydia Tisdale filming the gubernatorial candidate forum.

Early voting is underway. The last day to vote in the primary election is Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

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