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NYDEO: Cobb County Republican Party Breakfast with guest speakers Clay Tippins and Supt. Richard Woods 04/07/18

Posted: May 19th, 2018, 11:55 am
by Nydia Tisdale

Thumbnail image: Cobb County GOP Chairman Jason Shepherd adjourns the April meeting.

Join the Cobb County Republican Party for its April Republican Breakfast on Saturday, April 7, 2018 featuring: Richard Woods, State School Superintendent; and Clay Tippins, Candidate for Governor. Doors open at 8:00 a.m. and program begins at 8:30 a.m. at the Cobb County Republican Party Headquarters, 799 Roswell Street NE, Marietta, GA 30060.

00:00 Cobb County Republican Party
00:03 Announcements by Debra Williams
01:15 Welcome message
01:33 Candidates meet-and-greet
02:05 Marietta Daily Journal Senior Editor Jon Gillooly
02:12 Cobb County Ballot, November 4, 1952
02:30 Call to Order by Chairman Jason Shepherd
03:24 Opening Invocation by Honorary Chaplain Pat Gartland
04:50 Pledge of Allegiance led by Cobb Seniors Outreach Chairman Charlie Williams
06:08 Republican Hands Project at Re-Zoned Thrift Shop
07:28 Upcoming Events
09:03 Cobb County Republican Women's Club debate series
09:08 CCRWC President Marsha Stemme
11:08 CCRWC Immediate Past President Dee Gay
12:14 Former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich will discuss book
14:12 Orientation following breakfast
14:40 Nicholas Cole presents Nov. 1952 Cobb County Ballot
17:50 Cobb GOP Officers recognized
18:26 Membership Chairman Debra Williams
21:27 First time attending Cobb GOP Breakfast
21:47 Elected officials recognized

24:18 Insurance Commission Candidate Jim Beck
27:08 Cobb County Commission District 3 Candidate Tom Cheek
29:31 Cobb County Commission District 1 Candidate Melissa O'Brien
32:16 Georgia State Senate District 6 Candidate Leah Aldridge

35:57 Georgia Governor Candidate Clay Tippins
59:31 Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods

1:23:29 More elected officials recognized
1:24:02 Resolution honoring Barbara Hickey, Campaign Activities Standing Committee Chair

1:29:00 One-minute remarks from Candidates or announcements
1:29:26 Michael Opitz for Michael Williams for Governor
1:31:00 Ian Caraway for Casey Cagle for Governor
1:31:58 Cynthia Laurens for Brian Kemp for Governor
1:33:59 Travis Klavohn for State Senate District 38
1:35:24 State Rep. Sam Teasly for Hunter Hill for Governor
1:36:35 Taryn Bowman for State House District 40
1:38:06 Forrest Shealy for Cobb County Commissioner District 1
1:38:35 John Gordon for State Senate District 6
1:39:38 DeAnna Harris for State House District 41
1:40:45 Buzz Brockway for Secretary of State
1:41:52 Tim Gould for Smyrna City Council Board 6
1:43:02 Brian Almanza for State House District 41
1:44:34 JoAnn Birrell for Cobb County Commissioner District 3
1:45:49 Ginny Ehrhart for State House District 36
1:47:12 Americans for Prosperity
1:48:00 Melissa O'Brien for Cobb County Commissioner District 1
1:48:46 Keli Gambrill for Cobb County Commissioner District 1
1:49:43 Kevin James for Georgia State House District 43
1:50:53 Homer Crothers for State House District 44
1:52:05 John Beville for Geoff Duncan for Lieutenant Governor
1:53:09 Rob Harrell for Georgia State House District 36
1:54:25 Rep. Sharon Cooper for Georgia State House District 43
1:54:56 Pat Gartland for Josh McKoon for Secretary of State

1:56:11 Citizen journalist Nydia Tisdale, recipient of The Atlanta Press Club 2017 Impact Award
1:56:39 Jason Shepherd remarks about Nydia Tisdale fighting for First Amendment freedoms in court and being prosecuted; and Sam Olens, former Attorney General and former Chairman of Cobb Commission Chairman, defending her
1:57:44 Meeting adjourned

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Cobb County GOP Chairman Jason Shepherd presides over the meeting.

Citizen journalist Nydia Tisdale, recording with her Sony video camera, close to Lady Liberty.